Our team

Great Furniture Gallery & Design.


We believe that behind every great project, there's an even greater team.

Our designers and sales consultants believe in creating a furniture shopping experience and design service that embody's everyone's unique personality and style. From rustic lodge to modern-contemporary we are here for you. Finding inspiration from nature, travel and our surrounding lakes area, we explore and seek balance in our designs; while creating a timeless approach with custom handmade pieces, unique finishings and materials. 

owner - FOUNDER

Wayne Stawarski

Since 1985 Wayne has been in the furniture and design industry. Providing a comfortable and unique furniture experience is something Wayne strives for. Throughout the years, Wayne has evolved with the industry, but he has never jeopardized the quality of the product carried in his furniture showrooms.

Thanks to his years of experience and outstanding performance, Wayne was previously honored with the 'Home Furnishing Buyer of the Year' award!

owner - interior design

Kaylin Peters

Growing up with a father who was deeply connected to the design industry, Kaylin discovered her own passion for the field. Seeking to enhance her expertise, she pursued education and training at a recognized institution, ultimately earning a degree in Interior Design. Kaylin excels in bringing forth exclusive and exceptional designs for each project she takes on. She takes a personalized approach to cater to her clients' preferences, adeptly focusing on their individual needs.


Bridget Northway

Bridget has a great ability to understand each client's desire and vision, and the skill and talent to transform this essence into winning design. With over 20 years' experience in home furnishings and interior design, and her own Interior Design business since 2010, Bridget is looking forward to serving you and ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations - on time and on budget. 

• Favorite Sweet? Banana Cream Pie
• What's your spirit animal? Cat
• What's your hidden talent? I can say the alphabet backwards faster then I can forward


Carol Nagy

Carol has been hedonistically interested in design for many years. I completed the Interior Design Program at Interior Design Institute in 2019.  I know that comfort and function are what makes a room successful. I love color. I love pattern. I love to pick out fabric and rugs. 

• Where are you from? MN
• What type of music do you listen to? I’m a disco dancing girl!
• Fun fact about yourself? I’ve been skydiving


Breann Mertens

Growing up I was always so intrigued with anything to do with design, this led me to follow that niche for design in college. Recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design I look forward to helping clients design their dream space! I am very excited to be apart of the Great Furniture Gallery team.

• What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Shopping
• Something we don’t know about you? I used to be a tap dancer
• If you had a superpower at work, what would it be? Be in 2 places at once


Sarah Stawarski

The gal behind our social media marketing! Sarah loves showcasing our timeless brand throughout social media! Find her with her camera in one hand and her computer in the other! 

• Favorite hobby or activity? Anything art related
• What do you think of garden gnomes? So fun!!
• How would you sell hot chocolate in Florida? With Rum :)


Diane Larson

Bringing 40 years of expertise, our Sales and Design Consultant Diane is a true industry veteran. With a proven track record across diverse projects, her creativity and insight consistently shine through. Her deep understanding of design trends and client needs make her an invaluable asset, ensuring each project exceeds expectations.

Director of eCommerce

Jason Stawarski

The guy behind our online store! Jason works tirelessly to curate and bring our Great Furniture to your fingertips! Born and raised in Minnesota, Jason lives in Ironton with his beautiful wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs!

• Favorite hobby or activity? Anything in the Mountains and traveling
• Something we don't know about you? I climbed Devils Tower in Wyoming!
• What's your spirit animal. Elk!