about us

GFG is your all-in-one residential design crew dedicated to guiding clients through a diverse array of challenges. Including selections of architectural details and finishes, collaborating with architects and builders. We specialize in designing and decorating a functional yet inviting spaces with custom furniture, fabrics, and accessories that not only look great but work perfectly for you and your home.

There's no place like home.

Our Services

GFG's skilled team of designers takes care of the entire interior design process, from concept to launch.  We handle everything, collaborating closely with each client to create a custom design that perfectly  blends their needs and design desires. Your vision is in expert hands every step of the way!

our process

01. Discovery : Get To Know You

We LOVE this part and we're all about collaboration! We value your input and desires, so we work  closely with you to understand exactly what you're looking for. We take the time to get to know your  home's location and architecture, and we're curious about how you plan to use each space. 

Our approach is all-encompassing. We envision your project from every angle, ensuring that the spaces  flow seamlessly together. But don't worry, we won't compromise on your lifestyle, aesthetics, or the  dynamics of your household. In fact, we aim to enhance them!

02. Design : Conceptual 

Once we've gotten to know you better, we develop a concept that blends your needs with our  professional expertise, serving as a guiding compass for the project ahead. This phase involves  finalizing the design direction, layout, and providing an estimate for furnishings investment. You'll  have a clear understanding of what lies ahead, ensuring a smooth journey as we move forward together.

03. Design: Detailed 

Now it's time to dive deep into the details! Our team kicks off this phase by diligently completing  selections aligned with your approved concept. We'll also put the finishing touches on the floor plans.  Then comes the exciting part - the final presentation! Here, we'll showcase all the key design  components, including every proposed item. You'll get a firsthand look at each fabric, finish, and  intricate detail, all thoughtfully tied back to your scope of work and investment estimate. This  presentation is your chance to give the green light and make sure everything is exactly as you envision.  We’re all ears and ready to make your dream design a reality!

04. Procurement and Execution 

Leave the messy logistics to us! In this phase, we take charge and meticulously execute all the  conceptual designs and details mentioned above. Your vision is in expert hands as we bring every  aspect of the design to life with precision and care. Rest assured; we've got everything covered to make  your dream space a stunning reality.

05. Installation 

When all items on order arrive, we coordinate and manage the install using our moving team and  installers to create a GFG-approved space that the client will love and enjoy for years to come.